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Cody Spann, Licensed Massage Practitioner

Using Insurance to Pay for Your Massage

Simply Therapeutic accepts the following insurance:

  • First Choice
  • Aetna
  • Personal Injury Protection (for injuries from motor vehicle accidents)
  • Labor & Industries Workers Compensation
  • Labor & Industries Crime Victims Compensation

To get your insurance to pay for part of your massage, you need a prescription. Just let your doctor know why you want massage - to help you relax, to decrease muscle pain and tension, etc. - and generally that will be enough for them to write a prescription for it. 

When you come in for the massage, be sure to give me your prescription and your insurance card so I can make a copy of it before we start the massage.

The amount that you'll be required to pay for the massage varies by plan. For example, Premera clients typically pay $25 out of pocket for the massage, and then Premera pays the remaining balance later.

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