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Cody Spann, Licensed Massage Practitioner

Services and Rates

30 Minute Massage/Gift Certificate: $35

Want a massage, but don't think you have the time? With this option, you can fit a massage in during a lunch break or between other activities.


1 Hour Massage/Gift Certificate: $65

The most popular length of massage.


90 Minute Massage/Gift Certificate: $90

With this longer massage, there's time to focus on multiple areas. If your response to "Where would you like me to focus today?" is "My upper back and shoulders...and low back...and neck..." then this is the massage for you!


2 Hour Massage/Gift Certificate: $110

Like the 90 minute massage, but more so. This is actually my favorite length of massage to give, because it lets me do the most thorough job of working through the muscles.


Wellness Packages: $260

These allow you to experience the benefits of regular massage for a smaller price. I'm currently offering a Wellness Package that gives you 5 massages for the price of 4 - that's $260 for a $325 value.


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